Monday, August 8, 2011


I confess, I've been back from camp for a few days now (I got back on the 3rd) but I've been so busy getting my normal life in order (and researching for a new project) I haven't gotten a chance to write a post. Anyways, while at camp I was trailblazing, which is pretty much making new trails in the hocking hills for campers and hiking enthusiasts alike to use, while I was trailblazing we had to take all of the plants off the new path so I picked up a fern and a little almost patty of moss and I put them in my water bottle. I decided I was going to rescue these plants. When I got back to the lodge where the guards stay I found a plastic bag and wet some paper towels and put them in the bag with lots of air. After thinking about it I decided I wanted to make a terrarium. So long story short here's my terrarium inspiration. 

I love the rustic look of these.
This would be a great way to recycle an old lightbulb
These mini terrariums are so cute!

These would make a really fun and easy DIY
The whimsical feel of this pendant is exactly
what I'm going for in my terrarium

All other images [source]

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